Concept Art For Our Future Western Shores Game #2 — Not Good Enough Yet

in art •  6 months ago 


Still learning to draw icebergs, glaciers, seracs, etc. Still, the idea of something like this one is there and it must be some point.

There was a stage when the rocks on the horizon looked fine and dreamy...


...Aaaand it's gone.

Yup, still learning when to stop working on an area, too. I made more than five other attempts to paint the whole scenery anew but none as successful as the first one. Go figure.

If you are interested in other arts concerning the same project, a board game about legendary expeditions in the North, you may have a look at:

Concept Art For Our Future Western Shores Game

Thank you for being with me!



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I love that middle one. Knowing when to stop is a tough one :)