Concept Art For Western Shores #4 — Learning Next Level Icebergs

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Well, those colors are a bit off. I have to take a better picture of the picture. But then again, I think I have to paint a better one before I take another photograph. Here's how it looks in B&W:


There's something right about some of the surfaces and there's something wrong. Some planes are not correct. So that is what makes me try anew, being more thoughtful.

But I am also trying to paint by feeling for now, not too much thought. I have to later find a good balance between the two.

If you are interested in other arts concerning the same project, a board game about legendary expeditions in the North, you may have a look at:

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And the first two pieces published by



Waiting for her to share more of her new stuff ;) But no pressure there.

Thank you for being with us!



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I think it's awesome that you're doing the art for your own game. Getting the art done is by far the most difficult position to fill in game development. Sweet!

Thanks, buddy! I don't know if I've done even one final piece yet. Still experimenting. By the second half of March, I just have to show a prototype, so anything done is a plus. I mostly brainstorm ideas during subway train rides ;)