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Hi guys, Good morning.
Hopefully this isn't a late post. I made a sketch late last night on yesterday's "Day 22 - Inktober" topic which was "ghosts" and I had so many thoughts of zombies, skeletons and all until I settled for this sketch. I'm pretty bad at ink/ pen sketch so I decided to challenge myself to see if I could come up with something nice. I used an A4 paper and black ball point pen here. These are my steps;


I started drawing the hollow eyes and skull. Shaded the background a lil bit because I was still auite confused on this. I had to be careful because an ink is an unforgiving medium. Mistakes can be easily erased.


I went for other parts of the entity and shaded as I went all the way down.


For the background, I settled for the cross hatching technique . And I stopped here as a I saw satisfactory result. What do you think guys?
Please feel free to share your comments and thoughts on this.
Thank you so much for reading and supporting my art. You guys are the best.😘

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You paint?

Yes I do🙂

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Any posted?

I use esteem... See you use Partiko... Do you have the Steemit link?

Your Black pen work is magical. I might try to sketch with pen someday. Till then I will keep appreciating all who got that flow.

Thank you so much☺️. I hope you try it out someday too. Don't forget to show me when you finally do

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