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Digital art made by @xpilar

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under vann ny serie 3 A.jpg

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En un lugar distante Tomás decidió construir una ermita en forma de garita,decidió hacerlo porque en la ciudad aunque estaba rodeado de gente, no obstante se sentía solo, además de que sentía incómodo al estar cerca de otras personas.
Una conocida al principio creyó que podía tratarse de una inclinación particular
que lo indujo a querer proceder de tal manera, por lo que le preguntó para ver en que lo podía ayudar, si el caso lo ameritaba; ¿hicistes algo indebido Tomás?, ¿hay algo que te averguence?. Tomás le dijo; no hay nada en particular simplemente deseo estar solo; lo que siento algo así como una fuerza gravitatoria, es algo en mi ser que me inclina a estar solo, y es cómodo para mí, dijo Tomás
Fue tal el impulso que decidió irse para un lugar solitario diseñado ´por xpilar
Tomás se sentía en aquel sitio en comunión total con la naturaleza,


Thanks for the great description from my digital photo

Great picture, creative imagination, nice scenery in the water fresh and clean

thank you so much @tya.saputry

Congratulations @xpilar!
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digital images that look beautiful. I like the shape and color of your digital images. This digital image of you shows that historic objects are not only on land. but also in the bottom of the sea.

once was the mass of the kingdom. and many kingdoms are on the coast. sea water every year increases so that many kingdoms that sink and leave historical objects. This is just my description of the digital image that you display.

thanks for the description @aulia1993


Rock looks like human behavior. Humanbeing thinks that only he can manage thing so well. Noone can't replace him but at the end he realize he realizes that nothing happens in his absence. He is just like a rock which has to settle in the depth of ocean where no one bother other. Big rocks are those which deals people with love, kindness, care and forgiveness the small rocks are self-centered people. Nothing is important in this world than showing love, gratiude so the people remember you in good words otherwise you will be forgetable story

Hi @kamchore

thanks for the great description of my digital image

Previously, it was an ordinary small city where people lived, but after the meteorite fell everything plunged under water. Life stopped. And now this city is under water. Beautiful and sad :)

thanks for the description @magnata

Full moon shining on rock formations in an extrasolar planet

thanks for the description @marcusantoniu26

Honestly this is a great and workable exercise, I like how the light goes through the water, clearing the depths of the ocean. It was great to see you

thank you so much @hafijur-rahman

Great job, I like how the light passes through the water, giving some clarity in the depth of the sea.

thanks for the description @teresah

Amazing cutty rocks

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You are always doing great sir

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very nice iimagination my dear friend

Thanks @xpilar for wonderful art, it looks amazing!
I'll try to write a story, related to your great picture!

Statuland great experess.

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thanks for the description @csharma

for @xpilar

Hey @xpilar, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Looks like underwater rock pilings

thanks for the description @teenagecrypto

immersive and deep inside so beautiful to see that

thank you so much @blazing

It looks like a very antique museum under the water..!!

It looks so impressive my friend @xpilar wonderful art..!!

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thank you @edgarare1
and thank you for your description

Thanks a lot to you for sharing with us your incredible imagination.

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Nice to hear, thanks @edgarare1

I am a girl-woman.

I called you excited, I needed to tell you the great news.

After several chimes you answered discouraged, I told you, you would be father and you hung up on me

I thought the call was dropped and I called you again, this time I understood you turned off the phone

I started to cry, I understood I was alone with the responsibility

Talk to my mom and dad, they made me understand how much I let them down

Since that day my world collapsed, only stones I have around me

I live submerged in a world of water, for my many tears

I went ahead with my baby, I'm only 15 years old, I'm one more girl-woman in society

A girl-woman pointed out by everyone, who lives to live, in a dark world

My only light in my underwater life is the baby that grows inside me.

Hi @anasuleidy

Thanks for the great poem about my digital image


Very beautiful your digital art, I love your creativity Mr. @xpilar

Nice to hear, thanks @solangeh

A cyclone has shaken the north of the Asian region, all took refuge in safe areas to avoid human losses, at the end of the natural phenomenon you could see a city that was hidden by a mass of sand, the city is being investigated to know its antiquity , stones with diamond garments are found between the murals and great solitude is evident around the city

Un ciclon ha sacudido el norte de la región asiática, todos se refugiaron en zonas seguras para evitar pérdidas humanas, al finalizar el fenómeno natural se pudo ver una ciudad que estaba oculta por una masa de arena, la ciudad está siendo investigada para conocer su antigüedad , piedras con prendas de diamantes son encontradas entre los murales y una gran soledad se evidencia alrededor de la ciudad encontrada..


Hi @adeljose

Thanks for the great description from my digital photo

Hi @xpilar thank you for such underwater Art this time, that makes me to think that every moment we will see the submarine of Captain Nemo. You made such good effect with waves and sun that penetrating through water.

Thank you for supporting @Art-Venture contest and for your sponsorship :)

Nice that you like it @stef1

Best pic of the day due to my opinion. Looking like the old fort of Mumbai.

thank you so much @anil566

The new Titanic

There was once a group of engineers who had an ambitious project. They wanted to create the first mega mall over the ocean, in honor of the legendary ship they decided to call the Titanic mall.
The publicity was maximum, all the media talked about that ambitious project, everyone talked about the new Titanic.
Everyone wanted to have a place or their office in this modern shopping center, the premises were auctioned at very high prices several months before the end of the shopping center, having so many engineers the economic resources were lost, and the quality of infrastructure The mall was getting worse.
A group of environmentalists was always on the coast protesting the mistreatment and degradation that was made to the ocean with this mall.
The long-awaited day arrived the mall was bursting, The New Titanic was a monument of sculpture, it had so many details, colors, brightness, but the quality of the walls and bases was the worst of all.
At nightfall they launched fireworks, it was an impressive event, but all present were located in a single sector of the mall causing the structure to collapse and fall to the bottom of the sea.
And just as many years ago the sea won again, The New Titanic was swallowed by the ocean.


It was a horrible collapse, a real catastrophe ... The beautiful mall was shattered at the bottom of the sea, only stones and rubble left the first mega mall in the ocean.
It was the environmentalists who rescued those present, thanks to them there were no fatalities to regret.
The ocean remained free, indomitable, Without a Titanic to command it.

Hi @jdbs

Thanks for the great description from my digital photo