The winners of Artstorm #15 | Congratulations!

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There were some issues this week, but don't fret, prizes are still being awarded.

  • There was a glitch and Tuesday's prompt for 'River' was not published. However, @dianadee posted a magnificent entry and I have decided to award her 3 STEEM for this entry.
  • No entries were received for Tramp, so I've added another bonus prize instead.
  • Not enough entries were received for Dragon fruit, so I've added another bonus prize instead.

Congratulations to the winners of Artstorm #15:

Monday: Picasso // @anastasiav
Tuesday: River // Glitch in system, could not receive entries @dianadee
Wednesday: Jester // @hubyr
Thursday: Swamp // @cetb2008
Friday: Tramp // No entries
Saturday: Dragon fruit // Not enough entries

Bonus Prize (2 STEEM): @cabalen @angelanichole @kgwork

Thank you to everyone who entered! It's wonderful to see so much creativity and different interpretations of the prompt words. The winners have won 3 STEEM each.

Artstorm is a daily art contest for all creatives! Challenge your creativity with themed prompts and you could win 3 STEEM each day. Hosted by @leysa. Supported by witness @untersatz.

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Thank you artstorm

Thanks for the prize and congrats to the other winners too🍒

Congratulations guys

I felt sad not being able to participate this round but I am doing my best I will catch up. Congrats my creative friends on your win.

Thanks and congrats 😀😁


Hello everyone thank you very much, congratulations to the winners

I admire the winning entry under Picasso prompt you nailed it.

coffeea Lucky you @artstorm here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at Vote for c0ff33a as Witness