The winners of Artstorm #5 | Congratulations!

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Congratulations to the winners of Artstorm #5:

Monday: Mouse // @cabalen
Tuesday: Sugar plums // @cabalen
Wednesday: Moon // @angelanichole
Thursday: Housetop // @steempampanga
Friday: Soot // @cjsean
Saturday: Wink // @steempampanga

Bonus Prize (2 STEEM): @mariela53

Thank you to everyone who entered! It's wonderful to see so much creativity and different interpretations of the prompt words. The winners have won 3 STEEM each.

Bonus prize:

Artstorm is a daily art contest for all creatives! Challenge your creativity with themed prompts and you could win 3 STEEM each day. Hosted by @leysa. Supported by witness @untersatz.

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Congratulations beshies

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Congratulations beautiful entries indeed

Thank you very much for choosing my art as winner it was a surprise when I log in Yay. Congrats everyone

I love these entries good job guys

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Wow. Thank you for the win. I can't believe it two entries won.

Thank you 🙏

I can't believe seeing my two entries up there. Such an amazing feeling and a wonderful treat for the new year. Thank you