I Love a Good Old Twitter Spat

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Yesterday I posted how Paula Radcliffe gave a car crash interview on BBC during the World Athletic Championship in Doha. The link to that article is here. But then she got into a Twitter spat with award winning journalist Betsy Andreu. Betsy was instrumental in bringing down Lance Armstrong and is well respected in her field.
It all started when journalist Dan Roan posted his opinion on the interview on Twitter. Paula then replied.
Screenshot 20191007 at 19.46.33.png

Betsy then came in and criticised Paula because she threatened to sue the journalist if they posted a story about her. She was alleged to be pretty nasty to the reporter so she was quizzed on this.

Screenshot 20191007 at 19.47.05.png
Pretty daming stuff from Betsy. But then Paula admitted to saying it.
Screenshot 20191007 at 20.07.09.png
So there you have it. Paula admitted to threatening the Times journalist to not reveal her blood results after they were found to be suspiciously abnormal.
It went on with another anti doping journalists getting involved. Paul Kimmage. Another journalist that was involved in taking Armstrong down.
Screenshot 20191007 at 20.35.47.png
Screenshot 20191007 at 20.12.37.png

The vultures are circling and journalists are busy writing their pieces on this. Paula's blood results are now back in the demand. I would love to see The Times publish them. Then the gravy train would soon dry up. It sickens me that ex athletes are defending these doping coaches. As some of my comments on yesterdays post, alot of people think that most athletes are doping. I am beginning to realise that they might be right. With empty stadiums and ex athletes defending the dopers for "pushing the boundaries" is it any wonder why athletics is gone down hill. Soon they will all be out of a job because the world will lose interest.

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I'm an ex gym-rat and saw some extremely shady things especially with bodybuilders but also even in some doing MMA and Martial Arts. They would have the usual Creatine but there were always dodgy dudes around that were known to have every type of 'enhancer' you can imagine.
Look at Babe Ruth then look at today's Bballers, night and day

I would of thought you were an ex gym bunny! 😉. Yeah I hear the real extreme fitness gyms have their resident steroid dealer. Thankfully im in a gym with a load of auld ones. They slip me silvermints every so often. At least I think they are silvermints.....

I think it is all a big joke anyway. They need to start having some consistency across the board. Baseball athletes can dope all day and they just get a suspension but still end up in the hall of fame. Armstrong does it and we never hear from him again for the most part because he is obliterated by the press. The day they throw A-Rod to the curb is the day I will believe it is fair and they are actually making a difference.

Did not know that about baseball. Il do a tennis one tonight . Cheers for the conment

I don't watch anymore and believe most sportsmen are doing something today. It sickens me to think that they think everyone else is gullible and stupid. Would like to see Mo pop up next as he is as guilty as sin. There is no ways he is doing it naturally.

She's a sportsmen what do you expect.

Paula Radcliffe is such a motivation....respect her courage and determination.

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