The First File by The Turtle Project

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The First File by The Turtle Project

This is from "The Ancient Files"

It’s a concept EP set way in the future, Earth has become nothing but a fire ball in the solar system and other beings out there are looking for answers, as to what happened.
They find a memory card floating around in space, which might just hold some of those answers, so they set about trying to decipher them.
These are now, ancient files, recorded by a man on April 23rd 2117 who hoped that, someday, somebody would find them. It was his desperate attempt to explain what was happening amongst the chaos, time was running out, but he had to try something.

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We've managed to decipher the ancient files from Earth Sir
Excellent, play them immediately

April twenty three 2117

Consumed by our accomplishments in technology
We've forgotten amidst our greed
The proper use of our energy
Was meant to be accomplishments in humanity
The only thing we remember is how to breathe

The only thing we remember is how to breathe

The only thing we remember is how to breathe

Where did you say you found these files ?
They were just out there in space Sir, floating

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The Turtle Project started out as exactly that, a project, a songwriting project that was born from years of being a musician in many bands, doing countless gigs, naturally gathering experience and inspiration until, one day, I stumbled upon the fact that I could actually put those experiences and many others into words. The composing aspect grew from that into what it is today ...

My way of life .

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I can feel a cool build up to the new Album mate , so cool


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yay, finally next week end

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I love this series/album. Great work on the apocalyptic vibe!

...rumor has it there is a sequel in the works?

yeah the release is next week end so make sure to watch radio evolved next sunday , the whole thing is gonna be played :)

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Take us there Turtle :)

you will be arriving by helicopter very soon :P

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