Atom Collector Records Thursday Selection

in atomcollector •  3 months ago 

The following tracks are a selection of the fantastic independent musicians that use

Moody Light by @beats4change

From the times I was known as Terrorist Consumers ( changed the name after 9/11 to TCFactory, later Nyertun, founder of Beats4Change )



Unrhein - Nur in der Nacht by Unrhein

Roam by @virtualex-steem/

Transistor Base and Spire ... Acid and Trance ...

Nyertun - African Dream by @beats4change

African-inspired midi-composition from 2000

Summer Traction by QT

It`s not over by Alonewolf

Ambulance of Love by Gerontius

Cold Synthetic by Nexus2089

A Reassuring Assurance by @unitedduality/

The last track of whatever.

Square Backs and Wide Bodies by @deestaychillin

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