Beyond This Place - Music by WishMaiden

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Beyond This Place  by WishMaiden

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Crypto Enthusiast, Ambitious Networker and Entrepreneur, Musician, Event Planner, Peace Advocate and Mother.

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FYI wishmaiden I like your music, but I'm ignoring your years-old reposts when I curate as centerlink. Nothing personal, you need to post original content (or significantly alter the old content) if you want to qualify for dolebot votes.

You should consider entering the @sonicgroovelive music contest ! 24 hrs to go for this weeks entries :)

Fair enough, in my defense, I have only just began utilizing the new platforms to share my music recently, such as dtube, and atom collector records. I have also been super busy with my little darling girl since she was born mid last year, you know how it is, run off my feet, developing some suave 'flash-like' skills accompanied by sudden new growth of extra eyes on back of my head which have developed in light of teeny tiny, fingers, hands, foots and rivers of slobber and so many moments of "PLEASE LET IT BE CHOCOLATE STAIN ON FURNITURE" that is my life now - I'm getting fit see... sprinting and , diving, swiping and locking all hip height cupboards, doors, and trying to remember where I put my handbag... But at the end of the day, the smiles and love make it ALL WORTH IT, plus I get a little time to catch my breath, if, I mean WHEN the yawns finally overtake all the silliness and/or sqeals... It's that time of life, the time of trials and constant tests that challenge the alpha powers, because at some point the ego of someone so small is so big and somehow manages to take on a kind of teacher role to manifest such expensive 'patience', which is a conflicting realisation, where mindfulness is needed to remember to make sure she knows "What I say - goes, cause thats just how it is mini human" AHHHHH I love it though, Annabelle is 18months old now and such a joy! She is little groover and sings a little bit too! WOOHOO, fingers crossed I get to be a crazy embarrassing stage mum, because I've learned from the best - Mumma @DigiNaut hahahaha!

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Welcome to the Atom Collector Records community @wishmaiden!

I know that feeling! Great times when you have young children but exhausting!!

We always recommend that artists add a little extra to their posts to make them unique, such as what inspired the track or what instruments and software they used. should be thought of as a hub to make it easy for you to promote your music on various platforms but a little personalisation is always required.

If you'd like more help with promotion then please drop by our Discord where we have loads of friendly musicians. :-)

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Great to see fellow musicians using the Atomcollector platform
!giphy welcome

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Nice atmosphere. Good work !!

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