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AI and Robotics are going to seriously alter capitalism. The trend over the past 70 plus years is to create more with less people. Thus, we are not really seeing anything new.

However, we are going to see this accelerate at a pace that makes our head spin. Over the next 10-15 years, AI and robotics are going to give companies serious reason NOT to hire people. As we close in on AGI, even if it is pseudo AI (a mesh network of ANI all strung together), it will put a serious dent in jobs.

This brings up the question of what to do about it. Unfortunately, this brings up the same political debates (and divides) we are so accustomed to. Belief systems do not change easily and people will not really accept something contrary to their viewpoint until it happens to them.

Basically, what is a developed country going to do when tens of millions of jobs are eliminated seemingly overnight? What will happen when people who were once making a strong living end up with very little due to automation? How will it be viewed when realtors lose most, if not all, their income because the selling process of homes is done through algorithms?

For me, I believe we will not get a decent solution out of governments until after it is too late. Therefore, the only solution is to remake the system which cryptocurrency is doing. Cryptoeconomics provides an entirely different mode of rewards. Thus, we can spread wealth around fairly quickly as more people get involved.

This is a great video albeit the author of the book favors too much government intervention for my taste. That said, something is going to have to be done since this is a trend I do not see slowing down.

Cryptocurrency also have the ability to take out governments. As people find new governance models, which are being worked on now, they will find there are other options out there. Just like currency, people will be able to choose what laws they want to operate under. This is a radical departure from the era where geographic location determined what laws were in effect. Even today, one can get citizenship online in Estoria. This allows for a company to operate under that jurisdiction since the individual is considered an e-resident.

The next couple decades are going to see massive disruption across the board. How are countries and individuals going to handle it?

Waiting around for politicians to solve the problem is going to end up badly in my opinion. In the States, this is not even a topic that is brought up much. The political leadership just sticks their head in the sand about it since it is not what wins elections.

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One option is to live off the land in a remote location. I live off solar, well water and wood heating. If shit hits the fan I wont even know lol

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