NBA Putting a Stop to Fan Heckling

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The NBA announced that it will be enforcing some stricter penalties and updating the code of conduct for fans at its events. While the code of conduct applies to all fans, those sitting closest to the players on the sidelines will be under extra scrutiny.

According to their statistics, the number of ejections from fans in seats along the side of the court increased by more than two fold last season.

Unfortunately the majority of taunts and unacceptable behavior from fans can be attributed to racial slurs and insults. While not all incidents are racially motivated, I think people tend to fall back to the behaviors that they know will "cut the deepest".

Here are some of the things that will no longer be allowed:

  • No sexist language or LGBTQ language
  • Comments about a players mother or family
  • Comments about test scores

They have stated that it is "basically anything that is not basketball related".

I guess this still leaves the door open to calling someone a "chucker" or a "ball hog".

It is definitely concerning that people continue to push the boundaries of what appears to be civil human behavior. It is just a game after all and no matter your passion for the sport, personal attacks against players simply because they are from the opposing team should not be tolerated.

What do you think about these changes?

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AMEN, it's overboard online and everywhere and at some point people will come down like a hammer and it's about that time. Nice read and have seen some European fans behave in such a way it made me want to vomit

It is getting bad across the world apparently.

There's a lot of talk about racism at soccer matches lately. I don't go to matches, but I think this has been an issue for years. Some people just enjoy making trouble, but they should get banned for this sort of behaviour.

Most of the countries are so close over there that I never would have considered it as much of an issue as it is over here. I think a lot of times people do it for shock factor more than because they actually feel that way. There are always a couple though...