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What's up basketball world! For today's training, we will have a training video featuring the "Top 5 Crossovers EVERY Player Should Know" by Pro Basketball Training. Using this tutorial, we will learn the 5 moves that are very efficient and it's going to make you a better player overall because you won't be taking a ton of dribbles and doing a ton of moves in one spot but yet you're be using efficient explosive elite moves to get you where you want to go on the basketball court. Now, let's get right into it.


First Crossover: The Hesitation

The first move is a simple hesitation. The hesitation is good to use when you're in the open court or maybe in a one-on-one situation where you want to freeze the defense and get them off balance. Or when you have a trap and you just want to hesitate to see where your openings are, where your teammates might be, and it's a good move basically to do whenever you need to. The hesitation is a good move to do in the open court or you can use this part one to a combo move whether you're attacking the defender.

So, how it works is you're going to be dribbling towards your defender and you're going to pull up with one high dribble and you're going to chop your feet a couple of times. Now, when you chop your feet, use this time to read your defender and see if they're backing up or if they're playing you tight. If they back you up, you can get into a one-dribble pull-up. But if they're playing you tight and being aggressive, you can use the next step to blow by them and get to the basket or find an open teammate. Another thing to remember is to make sure you keep that hand on top or at least behind the ball so refs don't call carry if you get that hand underneath. It's going to be an easy call for the referee. Another thing is after you hesitate and you realize what you're going to do, make sure you push that ball out on the next dribble to create some separation so you have enough space to do whatever the defense is giving you. And last but not least on that footwork, that last stutter step, jab in the opposite direction to get that defender even more off-balance so you can blow by them and get into the scoring advantage.


Second Crossover: The Simple In-and-out

Next up is a simple in and out. It's not only an efficient move but it's also an easy move. So the ball doesn't even switch hands but yet you get a lot of defenders off-balance with it. It's more effective in one-on-one situations and also in transition. It's just a real easy move. The best time to do it is when your defenders back on their heels or to actually back peddling. So when you do your in and out, the ball is in your right hand, you're going to plant your right foot and the rest of your body is going to go all the way to the left, your left leg left arm, the ball in your right hand and all your shoulders are all going to fake to the left to get that defender to lean that way as well as you bring the ball back and go back to your right hand. One thing to remember is to make sure you only rotate your hand on top of the ball for this entire move. Plant that left leg or that opposite leg to really sell the move and use the next dribble to explode out and get to the basket.


Third Crossover: The In-and-out Crossover

Next is a counter to in-and-out and it is an in-and-out crossover. And this move is one of those moves that you have to have in your repertoire to counter that basic in and out. So, you should be able to do it like all the other moves in one-on-one situations even in transition and it should happen instinctively so when you do the in and out and you, see the defender plays it well, you should automatically go to the crossover. Our crossover is a move that should happen instinctively because like we all know, every crossover doesn't work every time so the move is exactly the same as the in and out all the way up into the point where you're supposed to take an exploding dribble out and get past your defender. But instead, this time, you're going to plant that same side foot that the ball is on and then you're going to do a crossover low below your knees and then you're going to explode out past your defender.

This move works great in one-on-one situations even in transition and it’s a great move to do instinctively and get past your man if they play that in and out well.


Fourth Crossover: The Hanging Crossover

The number four crossover is the most iconic crossover in this countdown that every player does and every player has on their highlight tape and all the other mixtapes. You see it all the time and it's the hanging crossover. Guys like Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Jamal Crawford, and anyone with that crazy handle does this hanging crossover. So, this hanging crossover is a great move because it uses your entire body to sell the crossover and make your defender look silly.

How it starts is you're going to take an exaggerated step with a ball side foot. So, if the ball’s off our right hand, I'm going to take a long-exaggerated step with my right foot and I'm also going to extend the ball with my right hand and along with my body all shifting to the right to make my defender lean in that direction. Once your defender leans in that direction you're going to do a quick crossover below the knees and now you have the entire left side of your body to really attack and make a play whether that's passing it to an open teammate pulling up for a jump shot or even getting all the way to the basket for a layup. This is a great move to do to make your defender look silly and collect some little ankles.


Fifth Crossover: Between the Legs

Last but not least is a between-the-legs and that's the number five most efficient move that every player should have. Between-the-legs can be used as a setup move or a counter move. It could be used as part one to a combo move but you have to be able to do this move efficiently and effectively because you can always bring it out when you have tight defense on you or if you're doing in a one-on-one situation.

So, the between the legs can be done in a couple of different ways. The first way is you can explode in one direction to really get your defender to lean that way and then boom hit a wood between the legs and explode down and get by them or you can do it or use it as a change of speed and change direction move. You dribble towards the defender and kind of raise out of your stance to make the defender relax and then boom, hit a wooded between-the-legs explode out in the other direction to get by them and leave them frozen in their stance. The best way to do a between-the-legs is to get low and extend that opposite leg out so you have space to put the ball between your legs and you have the momentum to push off of that back foot to explode out. Once you use this move, your defender might not always be being but they're kind of frozen and they're playing catch-up so make sure that next dribble is an explosive dribble to get by them and find the open play like shooting the layup, a pull-up, or find an open teammate.


And that's it. I hope this training video helps you guys with your handles. To all basketball players out there who want to improve themselves, stay tuned for more of these training videos. See you around!

Credits to Pro Basketball Training.


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