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I started playing the game as a slave in the mines of fanatics of a religion that does not recognize technology, after a few days I organized a small rebellion releasing other prisoners from the papers and through the chaos I managed to escape. After about a day of running from the mine, I passed out starving for the first time. I was free, but hungry and practically naked. I managed to find a village near the mountains of Orkan where I stole some food to survive, in the meantime the village was attacked by hungry bandits. Once again, using the chaos I killed a merchant staying in the town, took his clothes and all the objects and then quickly set off on the road. Thanks to the disguise, my slave's stamp was invisible, it saved my life, because I met a military patrol from the vicinity of the mine, who told me about the fugitive - a punishment of 7,000 catow (currency in the game) was imposed on my head as terrorism. In a neutral city called the End of the World (at the end of the northern orchestral mountain range) I sold all my stolen equipment and bought materials for the construction of the town, and I was joined by an adventurer.

I founded the town on the north coast, it is a borderland of the country of religious fanatics, federation of free cities and cannibal lands. The beginnings turned out to be more difficult than I thought, many days passed before I started producing my own food, or we were attacked, or wild animals ate beds, but thanks to that my hero became a really strong character. In addition, after a few days the cannibal rallies for the settlement started. Cannibals are weak, but they attack in large groups and kidnap those who lose consciousness on the battlefield - if you don't save your companion quickly enough, he will be eaten.

Additionally to the maista a representative of fanatics came every week to pray together, I had to wait for it because otherwise they would have attacked me. After a few months in the game I managed to systematize everything, the city has walls with crossbows, 12 workers trained in battle, and my boahter alone defeats the cannibal rally or the Inquisitor in a duel, plus my blacksmith has the highest level in forging weapons (skills are made like in skyrima, that is by deeds and not by leveling), so I have from collecting money. Knowing that the city is safe I leave it as a starting point and explore the world, explore the ruins, look for technology, hunt for robots and fanatics with whom I have a war.

To sum up - the game is difficult, you can die in many different ways - hunger, fighting, eating alive, even sometimes the weather, when the wrong people find you, you can be sold as a slave, but the satisfaction when you manage to stabilize is enormous, and when your boahter starts winning duels you are bursting with pride. In addition, there are many opportunities to play - discovering ruins, hunting people to sell them to slaves, bounty hunters or settlers - this is a real sandbox.

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