Describe the Sunset (Freewrite Challenge)

Good day freewriters! Back to freewriting after a day. I had chosen the prompt that I didn't take part on yet describe the sunset. If you are willing to join freewriting, do check the profile of @mariannewest, who initiated the 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge*, for the daily prompt.

The sunset.

Such a long day from field service work.
Tired, and wanting to get some fresh air.
Had some snacks with people close to me.
But the time came for us to leave.
I noticed the skies becoming golden.
Yes, it's the golden hour.
The sun seems so huge through the eyes.
Took my phone to capture the beautiful sunset.
There it goes!
The expectation is far from the reality.
But one thing that I appreciate.
The spectacle that sunset brings.
I don't see it as the end of the day.
Rather, to welcome the night.
After the night, morning comes.
The spectacle of sunrise follows through.
It's the start of the new day.
Yeah, but we are just in a cycle to live life through.
An opportunity given to us.
We must appreciate.

I have a lot to say about sunset, though I won't be eleaborating each. All I can say, sunset might reminds us that the day is over, but it's not how I see it. It actually makes me think of a new day coming.

On the other hand, the sunset I had captured from the first photo makes the sun looks too small. That's the problem with mobile phone cameras as when you capture sun, moon, and other objects which looks huge will look small in camera phones.

The sunrise.


The freewrite was written through the app/site But take note, keep typing because if you stopped for 3 seconds, everything will be deleted.

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