Going for a walk on a beautiful sunday

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I saw various posts shared with the #beautifulsunday tag so I decided to take part this week. This post is my entry for the #BeautifulSunday challenge by @ace108

Finally I had a long sleep after days. Woke up at 12:30 😱 I’m glad nobody awakened me. After breakfast/lunch I went out to take a walk.


The weather was warmer than usual. You can say that it even felt like it was spring instead of winter. It was 9 degrees!


A winter jacket was a bit of an overdone, but still you never know what the weather will do in The Netherlands. You can have warm, cold, wet and dry on the same day :)

I started to walk on this path..



Despite the nice weather, I didn’t see a lot of people during my walk. Where was everyone?!



Well, it was fantastic walking without seeing many people. It was quiet and peaceful. I could really enjoy from the nice spring weather, fresh oxygen and beautiful green, brown, yellow colored nature surrounding me.



It was looking great with this small lake surrounded by plants. Couldn’t make it to pass by without making photographs of this lovely place.


It was an approximately 5 km walk back and forth totally. I enjoyed the silence combined with the beautiful nature.



I think I will make this walk more often. There is a lack of physical exercise in my life, because I work behind a desk and don’t do any kind of sports. These walks would help me do at least some kind of physical exercise.

Let’s hope I stay motivated during the rest of the year :)

Good night everyone!

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Indeed a beautiful Sunday. Didn't felt like winter at all.

Exactly :) more like spring.

I wish I can sleep till 12.30pm but you did get a good walk.

Haha thanks!

you're welcome

The photos are beautiful and amazing.
These photos make me eager for spring.

Thanks for sharing these amazing photos with us :D

Thanks @sarakey!
Glad you liked the photos :)

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