coming soon the scotbot is active and staking is active #bilpcoin

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It's been really good thank you for all the support everyone loads of positive feedback and some people started buying staking and using the hashtag I will start curating posts that use #bilpcoin all good content will get upvoted I have set up two accounts to help curate @bilpcoinbot1 and @bilpcoinbot2 so start sharing content now for a chance to be upvoted and start earning BPC today let's get this moving the first two people to write a post about @bilpcoin will get 20 token's free must share the link to the post only the first two so be quick InShot_20190808_161042927.jpg

So staking is active and scotbot is active the next step is you can now earn BPC by using the hashtag #bilpcoin the main subjects will be money cryptocurrency music gaming but I will be allowing you to share anything you like but it will only get upvoted by this account if it is good I will also be making two accounts to curate all good content shared with my hashtag #bilpcoin so I just wonder who is going to be the first orca buy BPC while the prices are cheap I will be working on sorting out some miner's very soon this is the community for the community the tribe for everyone the next step is I've had a lot of buyers already it's good to see people are supporting this project

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Wow great news well done I will try out the #bilpcoin hash tag tonight on my actifit post!

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Thank you for supporting this project

No problem

Posted using Partiko Android should be ready very soon


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Thank you writing this it's awesome I sent you 20 token's

@bilpcoin, One thing is effective and that is, adoption of this Ecosystem.

Thank you I'm trying my best to spread the word

Welcome and good to know that.

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Gradually it's becoming stronger everyday

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The post is 8 days old so i have upvoted post good amount thank you

thank you.