Birthday Greetings: sacra97

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A special birthday greeting goes out to


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@sacra97 is one of the most active members of the @steemterminal Discord server. She participates in both the English and Spanish chat rooms as well as being one of the most frequent listeners of music in the server. When a concert is in-progress or we're listening to a music-bot, she helps by finding lyrics to the songs and translates them. She spreads much cheer and laughter in the server with the GIFs she finds! On the blockchain, she shares her freewrites, poetry, food photographs, recipes, and much more! We love that this dear lady spends some of her day with us and wish her a very Happy Birthday!

Check out one of their recent posts:

👉 Concurso de poesía lírica / Edición 31 - Fresa/Strawberry

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Happy Birthday! (or as I say to my friends, Age safely!)

Thank you very much, blessings @veryanprime

Happy Happy Birthday, Feliz cumpleaños @sacra97!
Welcome to the 60s! Bienvenido a los años 60!

Image by Jill Wellingtonat Pixabay

from Pixabay

Thank you very much, blessings @jamerussell

Wishing you a very happy, happy milestone birthday, @sacra97

Thank you very much, blessings @fionasfavourites

happy birthday @sacra97

Thank you very much, blessings @shuvo35

Thank you very much, blessings. They are my favorites, they gave me a nice cake thank you very much @brittandjosie

More happy with you impossible, I love giving you support, helping others and greeting you are a great team.

Thank you very much, blessings @steemterminal