Are you buying some Bitcoin weekly ?

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APompiliano aka Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano is an American entrepreneur, investor, and U.S. Army veteran.

He is a huge Bitcoin endorser and he today remind us of stats that are checked yearly pretty much that some of users here may not be aware.


Soo.. even in worst times this method still makes you profit. Crazy ain't it? especially during these dumps now.


So will you think about buying 10 USD of BTC every month now without lookin on price? You can also ie change 10 USD of STEEM to do so ie on Binance or other exchanges, but they need documents to open accounts.


Binance BTC USDT Chart



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49% out of 10$ is like $4.9. It sounds amazing!

I wish I could, haha!

If I had the money for it, I would invest more in it.

Jokingly this is a vibrant move to accumulate bitcoin with no fear.

I was buying weekly but have paused that. The market is too strange at the moment for me to keep pulling the trigger. Need to take a break and reevaluate for next year.

That was a very good an informative read. I always wanted to invest in BTC but the huge price fluctuations have always deterred me away. I will look into it in the near future. Nowadays, I am more inclined on investing in altcoins, especially Etherum.

of course I'm buying at each dip.

still 80% will join when peak....

I did but unfortunately I did it the year before that too... 😂

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Doing it whenever I can :P

Congratulations @kingscrown!
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