Get Free HEX Tokens and 10% Bonus on Transforms

in bitcoin •  8 months ago 

Another day another Bitcoin claim. This time famous guy Richard Heart made his "new bitcoin" called HEX.

It finally launched. Today you can grab free ones by signing BTC address that held Bitcoin on time of the snapshot and you can also transform ETH to get the coins.


If you didn't have any bitcoin on your wallet, then you can still use Ethereum trough metamask if you wish to "transform" aka buy some HEX and discount applies. The project has complex ways of how the money will grow there so to know more tricks (not all launched yet) you can give it a read later.



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lol I beat you to it though, look at my recent post

thats coz i post only same time of the day so sometimes despite fast news i post late... i did ETH claims 10h ago :) congrats though :P

congrats, now to keep an eye everyday to see how much more we can transform

I don't know how long to stake for lol

free coins I staked for 2 years,

100K hex for 1 year

no clue what to do with the rest and the more to come

anyone have a referral link they want to drop?

  ·  8 months ago Reveal Comment