Prospectors - Real-Time Economic Strategy Game( Built on EOS and WAX Blockchain)

Hi Steemians!!!

I brought you Prospectors today, an economic strategy game built on EOS and WAX Blockchain. Please read through.

Prospectors is a game built on the EOS Blockchain which needs eos account to access. But right now, prospectors just launched same game with same everything on another Blockchain called WAX

On WAX you can access with your email.


Prospectors is a game where you earn gold from your activities which can be converted to PGL and traded to EOS on the EOS Blockchain.

On Prospectors you can do a lot of things, you can build a business by owning a plot and building anything you feel like(all buildings serves different purposes), your earning is determined by what resources you have on your plot and how you can manage them.


Generally on Prospectors, 1 user have only 3 workers, there are tools you can own and work with but for a start, you can do transportation job(by helping people that wants to move their stuffs from one location to the other.) and get paid in Gold. 1,000 gold = 1pgl.

If you have tools, you can also work for people on their plots till you get enough gold for yourself, either to rent your own plot or withdraw to your eos account.

Prospectors on the EOS Blockchain started in August, 2019 but the newly launched one was just on the 4th of December(less than a week). Let's proceed to account creation so we can all learn through practicing.

Having two accounts is not allowed on Prospectors.

Go here to create an account 👇👇if you want to access with your EOS account

And here to sign up for the Prospectors on Wax Blockchain

Create with your Gmail, your account name will be something like this


After creating an account on Wax, go here 👇 👇 to login with the account and access Prospectors(WAX)

Questions are welcome, drop in the comment section.


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