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The previous contest of @anomadsoul was splendid, the current one seems more of a challenge because you have to select, according to your own appreciation, three good publications that have not been well valued.

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This contest is very easy, and this is a chance for everyone to win: There will be no picked winners. Instead, everyone who joins this contest will be a winner, as long as you follow all the steps to join:)

The aspects to consider that a publication is of quality are many and it is possible that one of them is to have few followers and that the value of its Sp is low. I have many low value publications, my blog is very varied; I write about what I feel like.


These are the three selected posts.

The Fall of the Tyrant/ Poem

This poem is dedicated to my country, Venezuela; thinking about all the situations of violence that the government applies at the moment when people go out to the streets to protest peacefully. We continue with the burning hope that we will come out of the tyrant.


#retoTop10- Something to share! Moments!!!

The #retoTop10 is about sharing what you want; poems, experiences, photos, etc. I like to write about family and in this publication I wanted to share unforgettable moments I spent with my grandson and my husband's family. Currently my sister-in-law, the woman sitting on my left, is very sick in the hospital. So, I bless that moment I shared with them in their home.


#reto12votos.-Week 66 - Culinary art

The #reto12votos is displayed from @club12 with a different theme each week with the intention of promoting the development of reading and writing. It was time to write about the kitchen that I never liked, because I'm a mess! (laughs) and I thought of preparing my favorite dish to highlight the difference between culinary art and cooking.


If you want to participate in this contest, visit this link

Last year about this same date, we launched the second series of The @blocktrades December contests and they were a success with more than 500 Steemians joining.



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I really like the way you have laid out this post, @antoniarhuiz. Best wishes for your friend to return to health.

Since I notice you write poetry, I would like to let your know of the poetry contest we have @team-ccc:

This is one of the ongoing Sunday contests, and you would be so welcome to enter each week. All of the contests are great, welcome Spanish language, and have good interaction and prizes. I hope to see you there :)

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Wow, grateful for the friendly invitation. I'll pay them a visit.

Wow, grateful for the
Friendly invitation. I'll
Pay them a visit.

                 - antoniarhuiz

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Excellent post.
May this last week leave you many successes.
🌟 Happy always

Gracias amiga bella, igual deseos para ti; que disfrutes un mundo ideal junto a tu familia.

Publicaciones muy buenas que debieron ser valoradas. Felicitaciones por sus trabajos, siempre impecables y con el toque creativo necesario para mostrar cosas diferentes. Éxitos @antoniarhuiz. Bello reporte.

Te agradezco mucho mi Comay por estar en mi lista de amistades, me alegra que quieras estar en ella. Gracias.

Very nice posts and your English is incredible! !BEER !DERANGED

Good to highlight which posts got little response, reminder of time spent in preparation, posting under difficult conditions, it does affect some online living in countries where everything is crumbling.

Wishing you luck in the contest and a very much better new year @antoniarhuiz

Very grateful for your visit and your comment. Welcome to my blog

Very grateful for
Your visit and your comment.
Welcome to my blog

                 - antoniarhuiz

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Sure to see more of me during 2020, happy blogging and have a wonderful day.

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Thank you, I appreciate the feedback on my post.

Hey @antoniarhuiz, here is a little bit of BEER from @justinparke for you. Enjoy it!

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Gracias lindo @dsc-r2cornell

Una hermosa publicación me mataste con esa arepa y huevo frito, me encanto el aporte que siempre le das a tus post, contando en forma natural y maravillosa. @antoniarhuiz

A beautiful post you killed me with that arepa and fried egg, I loved the contribution you always give to your post, counting in a natural and wonderful way.

Gracias mi sacra, siempre tan bella con sus comentarios. Arepa, huevo frito y bastante tajadas.¡Qué rico!

Interesting post...and posts 😉

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