"My 2019: Achievements and Failures - @blocktrades sponsored contest"

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Greetings steemians,


Image source-Edited by me

This is my entry to the contest sponsored by @blocktrades and @anomadsoul. You can see the contest rules here.

I am Venezuelan, and as many will know the economy in my country has been very volatile in recent years, especially this year compared to the previous ones.

In this sense...


Since 2018, I studied pastry and this year 2019 I studied bakery. It has been an achievement to be able to do many things that I bought in the bakery and they seemed difficult to do and that now I can do with ease.


These are some of the breads that I have prepared for my family

It has been a challenge and a great experience, especially because I can please my daughters by preparing different sweets and breads that they enjoy, they are my motivation.


The reason for all this is to have my own bakery and pastry business, but it has become very difficult, because as I mentioned at the beginning, the economy in my country Venezuela is very volatile, this year inflation exceeded what was unimaginable. So being able to establish the business was impossible, because the main thing would be the bakery oven for 10 trays, and the cheapest one costs $ 750 and that amount is really very difficult to gather at the moment.

However, everything has its time, and maybe this year was not the time, I wait 2020 with optimism thinking that my country will move forward and everything will improve, I hope the economy to stabilize and it is possible to be able to buy everything that is required to have my own business.

Meanwhile, this time in which could not materialize, It have served as a specialization, since my first tasters are my family and with them I am learning what is missing and how I can improve each bread or sweet that I prepare them, so when I have my business, everything will be perfect for my future clients.


(And this was the specialty that I made to my family last Saturday. Ham bread, Venezuelan Christmas tradition.)

All the photos were taken with the phone LG Risio.

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Since 2018, he studied pastry and this year 2019 he studied bakery.

Did you mean.... I studied pastry and this year 2019 I studied bakery?

Yeah!!! and I reviewed several times, hahaha.
Sometimes it happens to me with pronouns when I translate. :(

Thank you very much!

:) wish you all the best

Thank you! :)

hey, I hope you are well, I left you a discord message, so you can tell me what you think about what I said there. Happy day.

@michealb, smile 🤗 Wow. that's nice. I really like baking. Please one of this days you will bake for us 🤓

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@blessed-girl , great article. Mine too is still cooking 😋 yet to be done. You will see mine too.

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thank you!

@tipu curate

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Hola @anomadsoul, no tengo cuenta de twiter... de hecho, la única red social que uso es steemit. (no me gusta twiter, ni facebook, ni instagram)