Rainy day.

in blog •  4 months ago 


Happy Sunday friends, here in Medellín the morning dawned rainy and it is delicious to have a cool day.

I know I have not been very active around here, but I have not felt well at all! I'm still sick and I still have a lot of balls on my skin and they itch too much and even the doctors don't know what I have and not knowing what I have it's difficult to treat my condition.

Also I really don't have much to post. Well, I spend every day locked in the apartment. We are still in quarantine, and we cannot leave the department. We even have days just to buy food, and I don't go out, my mom or my boyfriend go out and now less with all this on my skin.

I think I will try to do more post with my old photos. Photos of my beautiful island or my family there. Thanks for all the support! I know being in Hive is a great place to be. If you read to me, spend time on Hive and build a great account, we are on the right side supporting cryptocurrencies.

Today I want to thank my cousin @denissemata because thanks to her I am here. And I remember when she started talking about this platform and I called her crazy, until I saw that she started to have money and encouraged me to open my account. Thank you for showing me this wonderful world.

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