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It's always wonderful to remember and today I was looking at some photos of my 23rd and 24th birthdays. Exactly in a month it will be my 25th birthday.


This cake is from when I turned 23 and I must say that that day was great. I remember that I was going to eat sushi with @mirianmg but the rain did not let us leave the house, but all my family came home and I had a really nice time and surrounded by everyone I love. And the next day I received a gift from @melinda010100 a kit to make sushi at home.


These cakes were for my 24th birthday, one I made and the other was a gift.


This beautiful cake that has one of my favorite colors. My friend Maria and her family gave it to me. I remember when they came to my house I cried, they did not have a car and we lived a little far away so I thought that day I would not see them. But they came to my house with surprise with that beautiful cake.


Since I had the perfect recipe this cake has become one of my favorites. I know it has a lot of coloring but it is very tasty and delicious and when combined with the cream cheese and orange frosting it is much more delicious, I think I would like this year my birthday cake to be a red velvet too.


Having her on my birthday makes me feel lucky. Having her love and company makes my days better ... I think this year my birthday will be different, many of my family are out of the country and another undertook a journey to eternity and it is not easy to accept it. But still I think being alive and healthy is a great reason to celebrate! I hope that by my 25th birthday I can make a beautiful cake, I already have some ideas that seem really beautiful to me.

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