Sister of my life.❤

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Today my post is dedicated to her @mirianmg because I want to remind her how much I love her and how special she is in my life.


Although we are not daughters of the same mother, she is my sister! She has been my companion for many years in moments of joy, but also in sad moments. She has supported me in my dreams and many times she has believed in me more than I have believed in myself.


So much that I have to thank her not only for her love, but also for taking care of me, because she has often scolded me as if she were my mother, when I needed to cry I had her shoulder to do it ... We have gone on a trip fair, we have gone thousands of times to the beach just to enjoy the sea. Not to mention the times I have cooked to pamper her and make her happy.


My love, thank you, thank you so much. For all these years of being so unconditional with me. For loving my mom as much as I do, for suffering the death of my dad as much as me! Life has put us so many tests and here we continue, and what we need to live ... Thank you for giving me the joy of being Alejandro's aunt and godmother.

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Te Amo infinito❤ gracias por tanto amor...💕