8 months full of love.💙

in blog •  4 months ago 


Baby Ale and I greet you. This beautiful brunette is celebrating another month today. I can only say that time is flying, it is already 8 months. 8 very crazy months but full of so much love and happiness. I didn't know anything about love until I had Alejandro in my arms. He is my reason for being.


Since we moved and he no longer has his crib we sleep in the same bed and he loves to sleep on me. I cannot move but I know that for him I am his everything and I love to feel him as close to me as when we were one.


Today he has spent all day so the heat is affecting him and he has some welts on his body. But other than that he is a very healthy boy and it makes me so happy to be his mom. He is my true love my everything.

I want to be here longer. But my cell phone does not help much, it turns off or does not connect to the Internet, I know that if I spent more time here that would be very helpful.


This little boy loves to eat mango. He wishes you a happy night and sends you many kisses.

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