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Description of this image: someone loves to scream!.

Happy evening friends of Hive. This is where Alejandro and I greet you ... We have been missing from the platform, my cell phone is in the latest I would say. The camera doesn't work anymore, it turns itself off so that's why I can't be here.

Ale is already 9 months old. Time is flying! He loves to eat and already has two teeth. He discovered that he can scream a lot and loves to be screaming. He is very restless and loves too much to be jumping.

I will not lie, these are not easy days for me. But I try to be the best mother for Alejandro, for him And his love I wake up day by day. Hoping that everything will get better soon.

I know that consistency here helps a lot, but I don't have to be constant on my cell phone; But as long as I can do something here, she helps me buy at least a kilogram of cornmeal for the arepas of Ale. Really my biggest wish is that everything improves.

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It sounds like he is finding his voice! 😀

Hahaha yes!🙊🙈

Your little Alejandro is healthy and well @mirianmg, he is growing beautifully. Mothering is never an easy road🌈

Is not easy. But the love of children is worth everything!💕💕💕