You're my Everything!💙

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This smile motivates me day by day to get up and start my life. Sometimes I feel that everything is going wrong and that I will not be able to cope with everything in my life, but I see this little angel and it gives me the strength to continue with my life. When I feel my world collapse I see him, because for him I am his whole world.

Today my biggest problem is money. Like most people right now, for not having a job. But I have expenses that are not expected like formula, diapers, chicken, vegetables and fruits for the baby. But I have little angels who help me and I will be very grateful as is my cousin @denissemata and I saw that @pandamama also helped with something for my little baby, I can only say thank you and God bless you. Better times will come where my little one's life is not full of deficiencies.


Thanks Alejandro for choosing me as your mom. You are my everything and the one that has made that in spite of everything that we are living, you have not let my world collapse. And give me the desire and the love to fight. I love you love of my life.

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He is so precious! !tip

If a beautiful and healthy baby. It already weighs 8 kilograms and measures 71 centimeters. Thanks for all the love❤

May God bless you with abundance @mirianmg

You are so good. Thanks friend. And God bkess you. Sending love from Ale and me💕

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