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Put an electrical connector on the ground and let the electric current pass through it and it will come from everywhere, they are living cells that feed on electricity!
Scientists have discovered by different types of bacteria that can withstand and live in different sources of energy, but these electric bacteria, as they call them, are different, strange, and everywhere!
Electric bacteria
Unlike all living things on Earth, electric bacteria use electricity in their purest form, harvesting electrons from rocks and minerals. Scientists have so far identified only two types of these bacteria named Shewanella and Geobacter. Biologists have now been able to lure these bacteria out of rocks and minerals using electricity sources!

It has been found from several experiments that included planting these bacteria in batteries that they not only feed on electrons but also secrete them, and this may not be surprising at the scientific level because almost all living things do this but indirectly, for example, humans eat sugars that contain a large amount of The electrons then our cells break down this sugar and the electrons travel from it through a series of complex chemical reactions until they reach the thirsty oxygen for the electrons to stick to it in order to distribute it to the entire body.

You may have heard before in science and biology classes about the ATP compound, it is a molecule that acts as energy storage units in all living organisms. Moving and transferring electrons in the body is the primary key to making this compound. This is how all living things make their energy.

The electrons must move so that there is energy so when you cut off the oxygen from any living being it will die within minutes because in this case you stopped the movement of the electrons in the body and thus all members will stop working because there is no energy.

These bacteria are distinguished by the absence of all these details and stages. They feed and breathe (excrete) electrons in their pure form. To plant these bacteria in the laboratory, scientists brought some sediments from the ocean floor (where these bacteria are present in abundance) and put an electrode in them (electrodes that can deliver electricity from During living cells) they initially measured the electrical potential of the sediments before exposing them to a different voltage.

As the voltage increases, a greater number of electrons will pass through the electrode and by reducing the voltage the electrode will accept the electrons from anything that tries to pass through it and thus in the case of raising the voltage the bacteria will eat the extra electrons (then scientists will notice that the voltage has not changed) and in the case of reducing the voltage the bacteria will remove the electrons through the electrode Then an electric current will form as evidence of the presence of these bacteria.

Some researchers recently reached 8 additional types of these bacteria that are completely different from each other, confirming that there is a whole world of this type that we do not know anything about yet, NASA is also interested in this discovery in order to study the capabilities of these organisms to survive (especially as they live in deeper Regions of the globe) and its way of life, which may contribute to its journey to find living beings in space.
Other applications in which these bacteria can be exploited, such as cleaning sewage or polluted groundwater. Scientists also aspire to use them to find answers to life-related questions, such as what is the minimum amount of energy the body needs to survive?

Scientists also believe that if two electrical conductors are used instead of one and the bacteria that feed on electrons are placed on one and the other that breathes (secretes) electrons on the other, they will survive to an unpredictable period unless one kills them because they will become an endless process!

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