Have humans been a major cause of extinction, let's discuss

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A new study indicates that the impact of humans on nature was much greater and lasted for a longer period than we ever imagined. The ancestors of humans who lived millions of years ago may have caused the start of extinction events even before our species evolved, as the regions of North Africa witnessed a decline in large mammals due to early humans, as well Extinction rates began to increase around 4 million years ago, and this coincides with the era in which numbers of ancient humans lived in the region as fossil evidence suggests.

The researchers studied the rates of extinction of large and small carnivores and how they relate to environmental changes such as precipitation and temperatures. They also looked at changes in the brain size of human ancestors such as Australopithecus and Ardipithecus. Not associated with precipitation or thermal changes.

The best explanation for the extinction of carnivals in North Africa was its direct struggle for food with our ancestors, where researchers believe that human ancestors may have stolen newly killed prey by felid felines which deprived them of food, and according to their report published in the journal Ecology Letters, their findings indicate that the effect The intrinsic human to biodiversity has begun millions of years earlier than we thought.

An important report last year had warned about the presence of nearly a million species of animals and plants threatened with extinction in the coming decades, and a more recent study found that urban growth and deforestation for agriculture and the huge demand for fish significantly changed nearly three quarters of the land and more than two thirds of the oceans.

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