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Therefore, if you want to become an effective, accomplished and accomplished student, you must make your assignments fall under the second category, not the first category. What is required of you to accomplish in the study is always an important work, but do not wait until it becomes one of the urgent work that you complete at the last moment, so that you accomplish the required From you mastered and empowered.

Getting rid of the habit of procrastination is not impossible, but it requires you to exert effort and have the will and determination to resist what distracts you or disrupts you. Here are some steps that will help you overcome this habit ...
1- Reward yourself when you are done

This strategy is a step to motivate you greatly. If you set a schedule for studying at the beginning of the day, set yourself a reward that you will receive if you have completed your tasks. For example: If you study 3 lessons today, at the end of the day you may go out an hour to go out with a friend, or you may watch A movie, or you may even eat a piece of candy or anything you know that you love a lot to do, and thus become a motivation for you to remember whenever you get distracted or find yourself procrastinating in completing your lessons, and in return, punish yourself if you do not adhere to your plan and did not complete your work as a result of your negligence , For example, you may refrain from doing an activity or action that you enjoy Yam it.
2- Seek help from a friend

Not all people are able to self-monitor and hold themselves accountable, so this step may be effective for you which is to choose a friend who encourages you and follows you over time that you are on the right path to stick to your plan, reminds you of your goals and the importance of what you do, competes with you to finish certain academic tasks, He may suggest rewards and punishment for you.
3- Remember the negative effects of procrastination and procrastination

Whenever you find yourself on the way to procrastinate your tasks, remember what will result from that and affect you negatively, remember that this disrupts you from achieving what you dream, and that if you do not currently regret, you will later regret not having used the time to make the best use of your tasks.
4- Create a time plan to organize your time

The most important reasons for procrastination may be the lack of a plan and the lack of time management, and the corresponding large number of tasks and tasks, and then the student feels disorientation and confusion because he does not know where to start and how he will finish all these tasks! Therefore, setting a timetable in which large works are divided into small tasks and organizing time in a realistic way to accomplish these small tasks will make the vision clear before your eyes, and it will help you to start immediately implementing the plan that is tightly set that you realize that whenever you stick to it and move away from procrastination, you will achieve your desired goal.
5- Remember your goals and aspirations

In order to take this step, you must realize why you are seeking to accomplish the tasks and tasks required of you? What are your goals? What are your aspirations that you make all this effort for? Remember the dreams and distant aspirations that you dream of one day and that what you do is a step, even if small, it is a step that will reach you for this path, and it is better for your dream to be clear in front of you so that it may appear in your mind whenever you find yourself procrastinating in ending your work, and you may write this dream with words on any A paper and put it in front of you to see it all the time. For example, if you dream that one day you will join Harvard University, you might write the word "Harvard" on a paper and put it on your desk, and during study whenever you find yourself baffling your tasks and do something other than important you look at the paper and remember your dream and then return again To complete your study, you may write the name of a prize you dream of obtaining, a name I dreamed of going to.
6- Stay away from all that distracts you

No one denies the impact of technological progress on our lives, especially the current generations, our daily habits are not free from browsing social networking sites and communication through talks programs and others, and despite the importance and benefits that these means bring, they are a reason for wasting a lot of our time unnecessarily, So if you want to finish your assignments, you must stay away from all that distracts you and lose your focus, turn off the phone, turn off the TV, and if you are tickets or do work on your computer, do not open social media sites through it, you can set yourself a specific time to browse Social media if you are done with tasks you specify in your schedule.
7- Start with easy tasks

If your feeling that you have to do a lot of work leads you to procrastinate and procrastinate, you can start with the easy tasks that require completion in a short time, and this may give you a quick sense of accomplishment and motivate you to continue the path you started, and reduce your feeling of frustration that may be the main reason for delaying any Assignments assigned to you.
8- Accept the existence of the deficiency

One of the reasons for the procrastination by the person who shuffles in completing his work is his pursuit of idealism and perfection. For example, he is fooling the project entrusted to him, because he sees that he did not find the appropriate idea to implement it until now. And if you are this person you just have to start and realize that there is always an opportunity to improve your work, for example if you are studying the material that complains about the length and difficulty of its approach because you know that you will not be able to master it and accomplish it in a short time, you can even start browsing it and reading it in general today, and certainly That would be better From never studying it and postponing it until just before the exam and for this is the first step to re-study it many times until you master it.

In the end, you must trust yourself to continue trying if your plans fail, you must ensure that all the steps and means that you hear and read to get rid of the procrastination habit and procrastination will only succeed with your will and intent to reach your goal, then you will achieve the achievements that you dreamed of and will achieve remarkable success, and that Because you started immediately and did not wait and did not leave the opportunity for obstacles to push you to procrastinate and procrastinate and stand in the way of your success.

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