My Black and White Photography Challenge #010

in bnwphotography •  11 months ago 


Hello friends lovers of black and white photography challenges..

on this occasion I again posted a picture of black and white photography challenges to give a little interesting story in our lives because of each black and white photography challenge image there are different meanings different.

and don't forget I also thank you very much for the support of some of my friends who also took part in the challenge, namely @atongis, @horpey, @daveks, @fredkese and @afril.

Rules to follow in this Black & White photography challenge :

Black and white images that represent any positive meaning in life.
Present one or two image every day.
You may add people, if you want.
No explanation.
Use tag - #bnwphotography - as your first tag.

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Train station?

Not @fredkese, that is in the Soekarno-hatta internasional airport.

Okk, nice