My Black and White Photography Challenge #013

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Hello everyone steemian friends ...

On this occasion I returned to show the black and white photography challenge. because it has become a challenge that I have followed so far, in the future I will more often post pictures of black and white photography challenges that I take if there are beautiful moments that I can capture.

The black and white photography challenge image that I show this time is an image that I took on one of the fly over roads so that we can feel its beauty very clearly because I am taking pictures with panoramic features so that if edited using the black and white photography challenge feature, the results the picture is more beautiful.

In addition to its very simple features, the results of images edited using the black and white photography challenge feature are also very good so I really like to edit every beautiful picture that I take by using the black and white photography challenge feature because in addition to the easy results of the images we edit also no less beautiful by editing it using ordinary features.

Yesterday, one of my friends from Malaysia, @davidke20 commented on my post. He said that my post was not as good as it used to be, and in the future I might make a quality post like he suggested in order to invite lots of big whales to approach every post that I posted for the future.

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Thank you very much my friends @davidke20 🤝😁

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