My Black and White Photography Challenge #014.

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Hello everyone steemian friends ...

This time I returned to show a black and white photography challenge picture that I edited from an image that I took a few days ago. The image initially looked a little blurry, but after I edited it using the black and white photography feature the image challenge became more beautiful than the original image.

That is a picture that I took when I was traveling abroad Some time ago, but before I departed I had to wait first at the boarding gate to wait for the plane that we wanted to ride to be really ready so that there were no obstacles when we did travel later.

Before leaving, I took the time to take some pictures while in the boarding gate area because there we can directly enjoy the beauty of the area where the aircraft is doing activities, namely in the apron, taxiway and runway areas where its beauty can be seen directly from the boarding gate the.

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The airport is always beautiful to take photos

Mantp bg.

Syukron Bg @deltasteem 🤝👍

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