My Black and White Photography Challenge #015

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Hello everyone steemian friends ...

This time I returned to show the black and white photography challenge picture that I took on one of the roads leading to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, even though it was only a simple picture that I showed but the picture had a very profound meaning because it was rarely possible to take pictures when atmosphere like that.

Initially I did not have the intention to take pictures while driving a car because it was very dangerous for my safety, but because I found a beautiful moment for me to take pictures and I posted on steem blockchain so I took the time to take pictures in the area while holding a label from where I was works namely TITIAN.

The result of the picture that I took was initially not very good because I took a picture in a hurry, but after I edited it using a very simple feature that I used to use, the black and white photography challenge feature, the picture looks better than the original image that is slightly blurry because the light from the sun is coming toward me.

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