My Black and White Photography Challenge #019

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Hell0 eSteemian friends ...

On this post, I re-write content related to black and white photography challenge images because the challenge has become my routine in writing content on the steem blockchain besides I really like editing photos using the black and white photography challenge feature.

The black and white photography challenge picture that I show in this post is the picture that I took a few days ago when I was traveling using the KRL (Electric Train) from Tangerang to Jakarta. In the middle of the journey I took the time to take one picture for me to use as content for my post.

And that day is very different from the usual day because usually the KRL is never empty of passengers who want to travel from Tangerang to Jakarta, but on that day the train looks very quiet and many seats are empty and my feeling is the impact of the Corona virus which makes many people afraid to travel using public transportation.

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