Lime Tree: A Gift of Second Chances in Life [Bonsai]

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This tiny sprout is a lime tree. Looks can be deceiving. In this article I will be sharing some history about how I grew this tree from seed, with additional photos.


This little lime tree is older than it looks. Only this year it had to start over with no green leaves, relying on only the stored carbs inside the trunk and roots and get started growing again. It is actually growing as two separate twin trees. The fact that they both survived together is reassuring to me.


I wrote about the measure I took to restore this tree in a past article. As a warning, I will simply say to keep tropical trees in a humid environment when you bring them indoors. I almost lost this tree because the dry warm air of my indoor heating sucked out all the moisture from the leaves. Spritzing it with water is not enough. A sealed plastic bag over the foliage will give the leaves the constant jungle moisture it craves.


Now that the tree has had a full growing season of Summer sunshine to restore itself outdoors the tree has a completely new form. The suckers that emerged from the root will become the new branches. I have been pinching the top every once in a while to tease out new suckers and side branches, and I do not always get the results I expect. I will be patient. In another year I think the tree will probably be as large as it once was.


Historical Information

ID: 0032
Nickname: Unnamed
Type: Lime Citrus
Age: 4 years
Grown: from seed (common supermarket variety produce)
Last repotting: April 2018
Wired: August 2018 (effects of wiring discarded)

Past articles by @creativetruth showing what the tree used to look like:

In the future, I think I might decide to repot this tree into a soil that is less inorganic. Previously this tree looked like it was growing more vigorously when the roots were kept better moisturized by a peat based soil. Next time I will try incorporating bits of sphagnum moss into the soil to keep the soil soft and moist to protect the tree in winter.


Be sure to follow my work this week. I'm in the process of sharing the whole host of bonsai trees in my collection. There is over thirty trees I am growing. That means you can enjoy more than a month of fresh content from @creativetruth's back porch.

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Photos in this post are all #originalworks by @creativetruth, unless stated otherwise.

Find me on discord and chat with other tree growers, bonsai enthusiasts, and gardeners. We have quite a few accredited experts filling out our ranks, and a helpful Spanish-speaking community.


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Interesante la historia la de este ejemplar, bueno la paciencia es primordial pero aún más la resignación cuando no se obtienen los resultados esperados.

Interesting the story of this specimen, well patience is paramount but even more resignation when you do not get the expected results.

Very true. Thanks.

Excellent lime tree bonsai with good overall design.

Hola @creativetruth trabajo lento y de mucha paciencia, cualquiera no puede hacer este trabajo te felicito.

Hello @creativetruth slow job and a lot of patience, anyone can not do this job I congratulate you.

What bold move pruning it so hardly. I woke up this morning contemplating whether I should do the same to my tangerine tree but it already has so many branches

No need if your tree is healthy and appropriate size.

Mine was almost a goner. All of the former branches died, except the base of the trunk.

Do you have pictures from before? I may have missed it if you posted about it; I've been MIA.

Check the links up above. I should have all the past articles listed.

It went through quite a transformation from what it looked like last year.

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