Is Your Life Boringly Entertained?

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My life is boring, I just am almost 24/7 in front of my laptop steeming around if not watching videos and listening to music. I do not play games anymore because maybe I had gotten old for it already but actually my body now is not really conditioned to play a game. My right eye has a defect and you guessed it right, because of my gaming activity in the past.

So right now I just do those aforementioned things and no more. The only instance that I get up and out from my bed is when I get to go out for my in-center dialysis and also when I get to take a bath or use the toilet.

It is a boring life and yet I get to entertain myself by doing writing, expressing my thoughts and feelings through my blogging exclusively here at steem. It keeps my mind pre-occupied so that I would never think much of my condition. I am actually forced to blog in here because I needed to sustain my medical needs so that I could buy my expensive medicines which is impossible to buy if I am not earning almost substantially.


I Am Still Hoping That My Life WOuld Turn Around For The Better Soon

So I do thank that there is such a thing like online life, it is now my other life where it requires less physical efforts and more of a brain power with regards in doing basic computer usage in order for me to be productive and at the same time entertain myself so that I won't got too bored to death just like when I was still a new dialysis patient, I could not do anything much but to sit around and watch TV and maybe cook and nothing more although I can still walk during those times.

My life really is a mix of boredom and all the negative feelings like worry, fear, and physical pain. More on frustration and sadness even though I am not depressed otherwise I could have killed myself a long time ago. What only drives me to go forward is a glimmer of hope that I could take out my situation from worse to close to normal and I pray to God to bless my efforts so that I could feel close to normal again so that I could do more with my life and not be always bed-bound and couldn't do anything except to live online even though I had met true friends particularly here at #steem #community which gave me a lot of all sorts of support and encouragement.


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