A Boxing Record That Will Never Be Beaten

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I stumbled upon a boxing legend last night who has a record that will most likely stand forever. It is not a record you can brag about as it is that bad. There aren't many records that you wouldn't want to put your name behind and this is surely one of them.

Eric Crumble was a "boxer" and calling him a boxer I would question but then again he was a professional who fought in 31 fights and lost all of them by knockout. He fought a total of 42 rounds so he averaged just over 1.3 rounds a fight before he is knocked out. Firstly he should have changed his name as crumble is not really a fighting name. You can't strike fear into an opponent with something like Eddie'The heat" Crumble or Eddie" The real deal" Crumble as it kind of gets diluted.

His career started in 1990 and actually had 32 fights but one was called a no contest. he was stopped 22 times in the first round and never managed to hear the round 3 bell which tells you this guy was the worst of the bunch. Some of the guys he had fought had lost their last 10 fights and must have thanked the gods when they were matched up against him.

The reason I say his career record will never be beaten is the professional boxing licence wouldn't be reissued to boxers with a career that bad. Surely after 10 knock outs you would call it quits and say this is not for me and I am no good. The funny thing is these types of fighters are in huge demand as they are called "Record Builders". In other words they are good for your career stats adding another win by KO may add some more credibility unless people go and look a little deeper.

Many fighters in the past lose for their very first time and retire. I am talking about boxers with a 30 fight record and this is their first loss. It tells them they are not what they used to be and a good hiding normally changes ones way of thinking.

Bheki Moyo was a "record builder boxer"

There are other fighters with shocking records but not as bad as the 31 knockouts from 31 fights. I use the "boxer" word very carefully again when I say their names and records. Bheki Moyo ended up 0-73-2 but was only knocked out 6 times in his career. 75 fights and two wins sounds worse than Crumbles but it isn't as bad, but not another boxer who will be bragging very much.

When I think of bad boxers who were never very good I think of Derrick Chisora and someone like David Price who are infact fighting each other this week on a pay per view event. Not something I would throw 5 cents at as Chisora is more mouth than fight and is a disgrace to the sport. There records are still better than Crumbles though and you wonder how many "boxers" have records fighting many Crumbles to improve their stats.

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You get a lot of journey men who are just there for up coming fighter to build a record and earn some money.
On average they can get around £1000 a fight and can fight once a week but if they get ko'd they have to take a couple of weeks off. So alot of times you see them just covering up and surviving and not trying very hard as its all about the money

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There is also a lot of money for these guys being used as sparring practice for the better fighters. I do enjoy boxing but its still, and always will be a seedy sport!

I must say I've never heard it before too that a boxer has this large amount of loss, why can't he just called it quit and go instead of suffering the punches.
.or maybe, the name was affecting him "Crumbles", a name has a lot to do with how a person sees himself and how others see him.

Good job with this research though.

I am happy to see this story finally came across on this platform. That is a pretty horrible record. It makes you wonder if they were actually trying or if they were just being paid to flop!

Howdy sir cryptoandcoffee! Very interesting. I didn't know there were mediocre or lousy boxers out there just to pad other boxer's record but it makes total sense. I wonder how much they make? I mean it would have to be a good payday to get knocked out all the time.

Cool,never fail .