Imagine having the power of your subconscious mind.

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Hello all happy and prosperous day, if we have already understood how blessed and abundant we are, we are in the mental and vibrational capacity to engage with the energy of money, prosperity and business.

From now on we are going to execute processes focused on the attraction of money and the manifestation of it, performing mental exercises, strategies, and games that aim to become people with economic capital, with fluidity.

We must convince ourselves that we deserve everything we want and manifested opportunities, everything is possible, for this we must put in synchrony soul, mind and body, just add to get to work.

They will write the following sentence in their own handwriting with a pencil or pencil:

"I like money, I use it wisely, constructively and adequately, I spend it with satisfaction and it comes back to me multiplied thousands of times."

Source: chapter 10 of the book The Power of the Subconscious Mind.
I would give a slight change to this sentence and it would look like this.

I like money, I use it wisely, constructively and adequately, I invest it with satisfaction and it comes back to me multiplied thousands of times.

You can use the phrase you like best.

This phrase will be read continuously and frequently for several days, as many times as possible.

Make 7 days continuous this exercise remember to put emotion and enthusiasm, we will read in a next post.

If you want to continue learning neuro linguistic programming strategies and autosuggestion techniques related to this topic read the related articles, in each of them there is an important tool to develop.

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I wish that your thoughts of prosperity multiply and become a reality.
Remember that everything is possible.
God bless you.
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