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First of all, I wrote this post simply because I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate @buildteam for furnishing such comprehensive steem power management tool for me, with friendly user graphic interface. They are @minnowbooster and @dlease.


First of all, let me thank @reggaemuffin for whitelisting me, I think like two years ago? Where @nelkeljdm helped to suggest me in using @minnowbooster to boost post.


Here's what I did to make things work for myself. Conveniently we can directly deposit our SBD to @minnowbooster, and use the upvote console in the website. As you can see from the screenshot above, sending 1SBD would yield a payout of 1.996. Is it profitable? Not that I know of. Even if there's a profit, it will be marginal 10~15% which a minor fluctuation in market steem/SBD value, and the trade would be loss. Let's do some calculation.

1SBD = $0.80
Vote value = $1.996
SPS/EIP taken 10% = $1.7964
Upvoter take back 50% = $0.898
Current Steem value = $0.16
Post payout = 0.898/0.16


What if we do not use @minnowbooster? It will be 0.80 / 0.16


Don't get me wrong, I'm not stopping you from buy vote for yourself. You can do that if you want to, but I choose to buy for other people instead. Matter of fact, 0.612 steem can be pretty big for some of the steemians struggle to earn that amount.

Other than buying votes, one can sell vote also. I, don't normally sell vote because I am already casting 200 votes a day manual and bot. I'm also actively follow 3 different community trail upvoting, so there's very little time my voting power is idle. I merely enable this function in @minnowbooster to take an opportunity to sell vote when my voting power is full and I'm not around to manually vote it off.
As you can see from here, my vote selling is minimal, only when there's a time that people whom I follow vote are not producing enough, and I am too busy. It almost didn't happen, the whole month profit is only 0.54SBD?! With my current steem power, I can easily fetch 20SBD as you can see from the statistics above. If you're interested in venture into this part time vote selling business, why don't you do the same like me. May be you want to earn more, and you set your threshold at 90% instead? And if you don't mind, let me a helping hand selling your vote via my invitation link, so I can earn some extra Steems.

Referral link:


Other than that, I am also managing my lease here in @minnowbooster. Currently, I'm looking forwrd to rent some steem power so I can vote my community with more SP. Want to be a dolphin? First, learn how to swim like a dolphin. Want to be a whale? Then, learn to be a whale. It's a good training ground to lease steem power, and try to experience what Peter Parker always heard, greater power comes greater responsibility! I am trying everything I can to rent as much as I can afford to vote.

Remember when I looked back last year around this time, I was struggling to hit my 1200sp target, and today I'm heading to my dolphin status. I know it's not too far away, but I never take upvote for granted. Big shots vote me, and I should be thankful already.


All the leases are in one page, they're very easy to navigate, just one mouse click away and we I can renew the leasing already. It is very convenient and I hope these investors continue to support me, so I can continue to pay them to use their Steem Power.

Added later

This morning, I wake up with a big smile on my face! I got 4 of my 500sp delegation requests filled! It's not cheap, but I hope it worth it for me to vote for people whom I supported. There's still two more delegation requests in the market. That is all I can afford at this time. I will be desperate in 4 weeks time, I will have to struggle that 54 steems to renew my lease again if all these 6 leases are filled. Each of them cost about 9 steems for 4 weeks.

Just before I end this post, I would also like to point out to the @buildteam the #steemconnect function in @dlease is not functioning properly.
I did tried to use @dlease to manage, but somehow the contract renewal doesn't work.
It shows memo "renew undefined"
Even after the authentication, the memo is still broken.
In the end, the transaction did not go through as you can see it from my wallet messages.
After I went back to minnowbooster, and things become normal again. Note that this screenshot was not the time of incident. I'm merely showing you how the error occured.
And finally I managed to renewed one of my expiring lease.
Once again, I also like @dlease, but the renewal scares the crap out of my pee hole. And also, I would like to suggest for dark theme, easy on my eyes.

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Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

Thanks for the great post, I laughed when you said:

but the renewal scares the crap out of my pee hole.

You made my day. I have noted the dark theme request, likely will need Steem price to get better so we can afford to pay developers to do a new UI with dark theme, right now we need to direct funds to maintain infrastructure and essential upgrades.

No worries man. I can live with the sunny blue sky theme for as long the renewal doesn't go undefined. There was a brief moment the steem is out, the blockexplorer came back red color stating unsuccessful. I literally shit my pants for 3 minutes straight before the steems came back to my wallet 😅 and also, thanks for taking up one of my delegation request, and thanks for running the platform for us.

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Let me know if you any more undefined renewal issues and thanks for the appreciation, it helps to know one's services are valued.