Mayor Orders All Bars And Restaurants To Close With New Executive Order

in business •  2 months ago 

Jackson, Mississippi Mayor C. Lumumba has recently introduced an executive order this week that calls for all bars to close for indoor guests and dining.

The executive order includes all bars and restaurants.

That means taverns and lounges, nightclubs, these are all going to be included. They are only allowed to provide take-out or delivery services and cannot have people coming into their establishment to eat or drink.

The executive order also places a limit on social gatherings too, no more than 10 people indoor or 20 people outdoor. These rules are a clear violation of Constitutional rights that afford people the freedom to meet up peacefully with one another and engage in regular business activity or go to church etc.

Freedom shouldn't need to be dissolved in order to try and protect against a potential virus, or any threat for that matter.

Eroding freedom is too costly to bear. But we don't see much pushback from the public for most of these executive orders, we are used to them being tossed out now.

These executive orders, violence that the state enacts against people and exchanges they might make, only decreases the ability of individuals through the market to be able to respond to the potential issue at hand, whether it be COVID-19 or something else.


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'Executive orders' in general are criminal usurpations of the lawful sovereignty of civilians, who are rightfully possessed of freedom from threats of violence such orders impose. It is not factual that compliance with such orders removes the criminal onus of the orders, because the threat of violence for failure to comply has been actually effected. The crimes of extortion, coercion, and racketeering have occurred regardless of whether the threatened further criminal abuse has been undertaken.

Just because the victim of mobster protection rackets didn't suffer their shop being burned down does not mean the mob didn't commit a crime by taking their cut to not burn it down. The people of jurisdictions where unlawful executive orders have been issued are victims of the same racketeering crimes mobsters taking payoffs have committed, and when people comply with those orders, the criminals have just been paid off per their demand.

Cravens have been indoctrinated from birth by criminal organizations under the color of law to render them infantile and dependent on their criminal masters, are deprived independently sourced factual information that could enable their rational understanding of the ongoing deprivation of their lawful rights through censorship, and continually deranged by incessant propaganda to keep them compliant with the demands of crime bosses posturing as government servants, or secretly corrupting vermin pretending to serve the civilian population while actually representing mobsters.

Because I myself have been subjected to the same abuses listed above, I must deeply sympathize with the victims of these depredations, even while I prepare to oppose the servility and mass compliance they desperately advocate because their fear of responsibility precludes undertaking their own political management. Just because I pity the victims of psychological abuse does not mean I must cater to their derangements. In fact it means I must ignore their neurotic raving and rationally seek out largely censored information, assess it reasonably, act as necessary to prevent ongoing derangement, and the harmful social and personal consequences of it, and hopefully enable society to provide the care and behavioural services hapless victims of psychological abuse may need to become fully productive members of society.

It's a tall order for a guy working construction, and I cannot do it without the concurrent dedication of a substantial number of competent, free civilians to that end.

I hope we can count on each other in that sacred duty we owe our posterity.