Advertisement: A Necessary Factor for Business Success

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It is worthy of note that no business can actually succeed staying in the dark as no one would patronize what he does not know about. Thus, if your business must grow and yield profits, advertisement is of high necessity and should be prioritized and done attractively. The many successful businesses we see and hear of today do not toy with advertisements. They take adverts to be very important in that they know the important role advertising has to play in achieving business success and growth.


Advertisement is very essential in businesses that is why, there will always be a great disparity between businesses that do advertise their goods and services and those that do not. More so, there is a high competition in the business world today and the only thing that will help introduce and position your business, company, product or service against other competitions is adverts.

What is Advertisement?

In its simplest form, advertisement is the process of publicizing or making known to the general public a business, brand, product or services. It is also the act of creating awareness with regards to what your business offers. Advertising delivers strategic messaging and elevates awareness within the given market.

Advertisement can be done in various ways and forms. It can be done through writings, prints, videos or audios etc. It could also be done both on online and offline platforms. Any of the formats or approaches can be adopted, depending on the nature of the business and services coupled with the target market.

As a business owner, it is then incumbent on you to decipher between the different approaches the one that best suits your business. Your target market cannot be persons that do not appreciate or are not internet-inclined and then you decide to advertise via online platforms. It will be an outright waste of time and resources.

Furthermore, in advertising your business, ensure to constantly hit on your services' uniqueness. Portray clearly your value proposition statement and the benefits your customers stand to gain. Also, always try to be persuasive in your advertisements. In gaining customers, one has to be able to persuade and convince. When you lack that ability to persuade and convince, it will definitely be hard to get customers.

Levels of Advertisement
There are two core levels of advertising which are; business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) advertising. The business-to-business advertising has to do with selling a product among several other business. On the other hand, the business-to-customer advertising entails selling of a product or service directly to the public. Worthy of note is the fact that the advertising processes are more aggressive in the business-to-customer world, whereas business-to-business advertising focuses heavily on sales and education.

An example of B2B business is a credit-card processing machine or POS system that's sold to retail stores.

Fortunately for business owners, technological advancements and development has made advertising quite easy and simple. We have radios, televisions and numerous social media platforms and these are futile outlets for advertising. A great number of business owners today access social media platforms but they have failed to maximize the opportunity. It is only wise that we maximize our social media platforms. Social media has proven to be a great tool to use in executing and carrying out advertisements.

Role of Advertisements
Advertisement plays vital and numerous roles in a business. The major role of advertising is to influence the decision of buyers. Hence, in advertising, business owners should ensure to introduce their product or service in a credible and influential manner such that it is able to educate potential customers. In achieving the above, outstanding features and values of the business should be stated categorically. It also has the role of creating awareness for a particular brand and loyalty as well. It also generates company's traffic and makes it competitive.

Summarily, the importance of advertisement in a business cannot be over-emphasized. For your business to excel, you must frequently indulge in advertising as it is the most direct and important connection to the consumer. Most persons patronize a business after viewing the advertisement.

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Hi @tomlee

This is a great post. Advertising is very important for any business to promote their products and their brand. Even if we don't think we are susceptible to the adverts we see; research shows otherwise. Adverts can have a big impact on our buying habits.

Something I have observed (and would be interested to see what others think), is that different cultures have different styles of adverts. For example, in some countries, television adverts explain what the product does quite well. In others, it is less about the functionality of the product but they are selling the lifestyle that the product can be associated with. The feeling that, if I buy this product my life will be like that. Have you noticed differences in different cultures?

@tipu curate

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Advertising helps a business to earn profits by enabling more people to know about the products and services and thus resulting in more sales. The consumers on the other hand will never get to know about the products and services if they are not advertised. .

Very true!
Advertisement is very important.

Very true!
Advertisement is very important.

It is easier to get business to individuals or customers done to business to business. A factor affecting the second business affects the first business being advertised to.

Also social media as proven to be a good advertisement ground for both persons and products. The ability to utilize it is always of greater advantage.

Social media is an amazing outlet

Good advice.

Among my people there is an old phrase: "What is not shown is not sold" What fits well with the idea that a product or service that is not properly disclosed, does not reach to be known by its users or potential buyers and makes the success of the service or product almost impossible.

You need to always make your business known

Advertisement is a basic business component that must not be taken with levity.

Advertising is the soul of sales, an essential tool. I would like to know when it should be used more aggressively and when passively, it is excellent to have someone in the community write professionally about these issues. Good job!

For evey business that desires success, advertisement should never be taken for granted.