Flying Dutchman - I woke up in the nightmare - High Seas Here I Come

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If you followed what I was doing during this month then you know it did not work out. All the things I was doing in the last year and a half failed. I am dropping everything.

The whole thing begun in summer when my peer betrayed me with some criminally nasty shit, I stopped the Project Origins - ( phase A), dumped my peer even when I forgave him, destroyed blueprints and disengaged, abandon ship and start working on something entirely new with a promise to him that I will come back as an independent party.

After a few months, as promised, I reinstalled that new thing to us, ( Phase B) which passed the initial testing with flying colors and kept on rolling for a few months.

After that, I came back to my peer with the upgrade which should be the final, or semi-final phase. That upgrade phase supposed to be my booty after Phase B confirms being a more advanced utility.

Not only that he completely forgot what was the initial deal, but he also said how can I claim to have anything with his genius.

I am fucking cursed.

Of course, solo I have nothing to his genius - because we did it together. But I insisted. We tried. Thing sucked balls in celestial degree.

Worse, he didn't get that during the testing the upgrade will completely de-utilized phase B.

I am still not sure if it was a complete failure because he was either sabotaging it out of personal reasons or the thing was done incompatible so there was no way to work no matter how we tried.

In the end, the whole thing on his gross horror started to dissipate - because I don't have anything to his genius, of course.

I understand that all this works ways on his ulcers, and it is not his fault to take it personally, I really wanted to be nice, but he should also understand me, I fucked up completely everything, I was exhausting myself for months, for me this should be it, the big booty to load up on Flying Dutchman and sail on!

Instead, I got The Grudge Reloaded. Well, All-Righty Then, Davy Jones!
I could get used to saying this - nothing is forever.

I took my funny clothes, all my gypsy shit, bought tones of nail polish - so I have something to do -, pack up my imaginary posh belongings, fill up my iPhone with static noise and Forex, and booked myself for a {prolonged} vacation ... yes, and I pulled the plug. ON everything. I will just scavenge and pretend I'm a pirate.

Now I am drinking this stupid childish coffee experiment with salt, with this gigantic chocolate/lemon ice cream, eating my pineapple pizza and having the world's biggest headache.

I could gamble in the afternoon and pretend that I didn't wake up in the nightmare.

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