MESSAGE: Project can't be done this way, & it hurts your health

in busy •  3 months ago 

Mission failed. I only managed to infuriate myself and churn your stomach. Even with you being an obsessive by nature, I am a freaking demon. Only the divine intervention can change my ways.

It did. I had a massive nightmare. My subconscious is wiser than me.

What's been broken, I can't fix it, I trapped an each in our own roles so I'll free us all of this cursed situation.

I will run this and after I do some paper work this week I will leave to work on it.

Dream ( just for fun) : In the nightmare me and my family end up in the cursed Mexican village after a plane accident. We meet with the villagers, and things go Narnia. From that mystic jail inside of a lucid dream the inhabitants can't leave, wake up, die or age. While years pass we fall desperate, I even can phone and talk with my freaked out relatives outside in the real word. One day an odd predatory cat, a leopard falls captive inside our home. We think to flee, because of a carnivore, but decide to free the big cat thinking it might work on our advantage, which did. After visual negotiation though the half closed door, feline behaved and once it hopped out of an exit door it exhaled in relief much as a human being. We follow it and soon exit the cursed village into a freedom. Creepy part is that my family members remember the same dream.

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