Bozzlife: #Wednesdaywalk scenes from my patio

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With most of our camping being done for the Summer, we have turned our attention to spending more time on our patio.

We have had some really awesome weather the past couple of evenings and it has been really nice to sit out and enjoy the view.

No, the picture here is not the view from our patio, though I wish it was! Instead the view looks something a bit more like this:


Actually, now it looks a lot more like this:


Can you tell the difference between the two photos. I mean besides that fact that it is dark in one and daylight in the other?

It's hard to tell unless you are familiar with our yard, but when we tore out our old deck and had them build the new one, we had to sacrifice some square footage. This was because we chose to go with a composite deck and the price of materials required us to make some sacrifices.

This left a five or six foot gap between the end of the deck and a couple lilac bushes that used to sit just beyond the railing of the old deck. Now that they were kind of in "no mans land", @mrsbozz and I decided that they had to go.

I thought it would be pretty easy to just dig them out... I was wrong. First I couldn't get close enough to dig a proper hole. I got my loppers out and cut back all of the branches so I could have better access to them. Then when I started digging the hole I kept hitting much bigger roots than I had planned.

Since I had my brother in laws truck (which is a little smaller than mine) for the weekend, I drove it into the back yard and pulled out the bushes with a tow chain. It was so much easier than digging the stupid hole!

Now I just need to put some fill dirt in, rake up the rocks, and plant some grass seed and we should be good to go.


We were sitting out on our patio the other night and I noticed this spider web hanging from our pergola. I know it is hard to see, but it was pretty impressive how intricate it was. @mrsbozz isn't a fan of spiders so she had me remove it. We were both impressed to find that it was fully rebuilt the next day!


With the spider web out of the way, it was nice to just relax on the deck and enjoy some rye whiskey. I have been pretty impressed with Knob Creek. They are actually owned by the same parent company that distills Jim Beam. This stuff is a little higher quality though.

I am looking forward to the long Labor Day weekend approaching and the daytime temps in the mid seventies and night temps in the fifties that they are predicting.

As a parting gift, I want to share a photo of another bug I saw while walking into my office one day:


Talk about scary! Not as bad as the one I share a couple of months ago, but I think this might be the female counterpart of that bug.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Using the truck to pul it out as good sense saved a ot of backbreaking work, and isnt is amazing how quick spiders can rebuild a web if you knock it won

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

What a great patio.

Thank you.

It does look more spacious than before.

I think so too!

Congrats on the new patio. I did notice some green bushes were missing from the second photo. I hope you and your family enjoy many hours in the back yard.

Thanks! I hope so too!

Beautiful buddy. Anything with trees like a woods such as yours is grade A in my book for prime time back porch sitting and reflecting ( and drinking a nice beverage :) )

Lovely place you got !

Thank you, it was definitely one of the big selling points of this house!

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Great garden and awesome patio, will give you a lot of evenings of great joy I'll bet. I never heard of that brand of Whisky but the bottle alone looks already awesome, I'll bet it taste wonderfull... Have a great weekend too :)

I'm terrified of spiders. It's bizarre really. And this is the time of year when they all start to come inside...
Strangely, I'm not bothered by that bug you've photographed, as it only has six legs.

Haha, that is pretty funny. It may only have six legs but it was about the size of a credit card!

That's OK - as long as it stays outside in the garden :D