Bozzlife: A Fluff Friday Post

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Some of you may consider this a crap post or a fluff piece to get some free upvotes on a Friday. That's cool, we all are entitled to our opinion.

The fact is, @mrsbozz and I are celebrating our 11th anniversary this weekend and I thought it would only be right to dedicate a post to the woman who allows me to do what I do.

As a school social worker, she has pretty much the biggest heart I have ever seen. Social workers these days get a bad rap. Especially by a particular group on Steemit that I went toe to toe with a couple of times.

They are often portrayed in the movies and on TV as old and frumpy and just plain miserable people. I think you can tell from the photo above that couldn't be farther from the truth. She is the most beautiful, understanding, and caring person I know.

There are aspects of her job (the ones that said group opposes) that literally kill her when she has to perform them. It is her duty according to the law and I know she always has the best interest of the children at heart.


Though we may not be doing anything particularly special this weekend (I think we are going to be doing a lot of cleaning in fact), I am really looking forward to spending some time together celebrating this milestone in our lives.

I know a lot of people say they wish they had met their partner sooner in their lives so that they could have known and loved them longer. That is truly the case with @mrsbozz. My life wasn't horrible before her, but I know for a fact it would have been and is so much better with her in it.

Okay, that is it for the sappy stuff. Have a great weekend everyone!


Sports Talk Social - @bozz.sports

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Happy anniversary. My wife does similar work and I know it can be really tough at times. There are some messed up kids who need a lot of help.

Indeed! She always says if she could fix the parents she would be out of a job!

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Happy Anniversary and sorry I have to disagree this was not a fluff post but a sweet post to read, and your wife sounds such a wonderful caring person :) I wish you many many more years together ;)

Thank you!

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not a crap post @bozz, .. it great to hear you have such a strong bond after such a long time, .. makes me reflect on mr Goblin and how I should appreciate her more


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