Bozzlife: A Hidden Gem?

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My wife @mrsbozz and I have a routine pretty much every weekend that we are home. Friday we drive to the store after work and get groceries for the coming week and then we go out to eat.

I am guessing compared to most people, our liquor cabinet is pretty lame. We have a half gallon of Skyy vodka that has been up there forever, one or two other random liqueurs, a half gallon of Captain Morgan, and whatever bottles of whiskey I haven't polished off.

I have a couple of stand-by's that I try to keep on hand (Jameson, Crown, Bulliet, Jack(for mixed drinks)), but occasionally I will spend some time at the store looking for something new or special. Sadly, because of our basement flooding, funds have been at a premium and I was down to my last swallow of Knob Creek Rye.

That meant it was time to pick up a new bottle on our weekly trip. @mrsbozz had some coupons for a couple of different brands, but I had remembered reading and saving an article that kept drawing me back to this bottle.

Of course I couldn't find the article on my phone when I needed it, so I ended up taking a gamble and buying this $28 bottle of Old Grand-Dad being not quite sure what I was getting into.

Once I got home I was able to verify that this was indeed the bottle that I thought it was. I had read an article where Whiskey enthusiasts recommended their favorite most under-rated whiskeys. Basically, the stuff you think is probably cheap, but actually ends up being really good.

I definitely agree with the person that selected this bourbon as their choice. I am pretty frugal to begin with even when our basement didn't flood, so $30 is about the most I feel comfortable spending on a fifth of whiskey.

Every now and then I will purchase a $40 or $50 bottle, but those times are pretty rare and usually only on special occasions. Perhaps one day when we hit a bull run again I can be afforded the luxury of some fine spirits.

Until then, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a bottle of this again. I really didn't expect it to be as smooth as it was and it has a very pleasant smokey and peppery after-taste that isn't too over powering. I have had some smoked whiskey's in the past that just end up being too much.

I am still a bit of a beginner when it comes to Whiskey's, Bourbons, Rye's, and Scotch so I prefer to drink mine on the rocks. When the ice just starts to melt a little bit a glass of this old Grand-Dad goes down as smooth as a mixed drink.

If you are an enthusiast, I suggest you not skip over this hidden gem and give it a try. Cheers!


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Well, it's been a while since I had a drink, but I remember Old Grandad. Plus, George Thorogood drank with his old Grandad in "I Drink Alone". I think your review carries much more weight than either of those :)

Thanks, I appreciate it! This was my first time trying this brand. I know a lot of them are all distilled by Jim Beam or one of the other places and branded based on how they were aged or the recipe they used.

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You can never go wrong with a glass of alcohol while chilling :D

For sure!

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You drink cabinet may be frugal, since my wife and I canot drink alcohol anymore ours is now empty so more frugal than yours

I must remember this one and mention it to the Sonin Law to try


I know a lot of them are subjective but I hope he likes it if he tries it.

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I will mention it to him right now in a text I had forgotten LOL

Hey @bozz, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

i very rarely drink fine spirits anymore. Mostly we just buy $6 bottles of rum but there was a time when i did appreciate a good single-malt. Unfortunately because of absurd import taxes, having something like that over here now would break the bank.

It is getting worse here with all of the tariffs and that kind of thing. Sometimes my wife gets coupons for stuff, but everything is still pretty regulated as far as price.

hello brewer friend
you look happy face haha
Happy Tuesday

Yeah, sun was in my eyes! :)

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hi @bozz, .. i looked for this on Amazon (yes in the UK we can order alcohol from Amazon) , .. no luck, ..seems it's been discontinued, .. or so says masters of malt... ah well ill lookout for the next recommendation, ... if you want to try a reasonably priced scotch which is readily available, look out for Highland Park 12.

Thanks for the tip! I will definitely keep an eye out for that one and add it to my list. The list is getting long though! 😛 Jack Daniels Single Barrel Rye is pretty good too but at $55 USD or so it is only for special occasions.