Bozzlife: Disaster Recovery Again?

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Yesterday was anything but a lazy Sunday morning at home. It certainly wasn't the day I had planned for the end of my long holiday weekend.

Instead, I was abruptly pulled out of sleep on Sunday morning by the power going out. At 5:30 in the morning it was still dark out, but I knew they were calling for a pretty significant ice storm overnight. The fan that we keep running for white noise powering down was what woke me up.

After about a second it came on again. I figured okay, this might not be so bad, as long as it doesn't happen two more times we should be okay. I don't know if this is the case where you live, but where I live you usually get about three flickers before the power goes out for good.

It wasn't more than a minute later and the power went out and came back on for the second time. I knew it was coming, I am not sure why I held my breath, but sure enough, that third and final flicker happened and then everything went dead.

Given what @mrsbozz and I had went through a couple of months ago when our basement flooded, I immediately hopped out of bed and ran downstairs to check on the sump pump. It is still not cold enough for the ground to be frozen, so there was a steady stream of water pouring into the crock of our sump. I asked @mrsbozz for something I could reach down into the hole with and start bailing the water.

Unfortunately it looked like the pump had quit just before it was able to pump out the existing water. It was a race for me to keep up with the incoming deluge.

I grabbed an extension cord and ran it out to my wife's car that was in the garage. I remembered that her vehicle had a 110V outlet in it and I was hoping that would be able to run the pump. Unfortunately, it didn't work, and I didn't find out until later that the pump requires close to 5000 Watts to startup and run and her car only produces about 150 Watts.



Luckily, the water was coming in much slower than it had been the morning it flooded and between the pot I was using and the bucket I was filling for @mrsbozz to empty, we were able to keep up with the flow.

In fact, we were able to rest for about fifteen to twenty minutes between each bailing session. I thought about calling my friend or family members to see if they had a hand pump or generator I could borrow, but I didn't really want them out driving on the icy roads just to help us.

Needless to say, we will be saving up for a generator in the very near future.

I mentioned it wasn't cold enough for the ground to be frozen, but it was cold enough that not having heat began to take its toll on us. It was close to 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the house when our power was finally restored about five hours later.

When she wasn't emptying the bucket for me, @mrsbozz spent the majority of her morning wrapped in a blanket on the couch with our dog Jovi at her feet trying to keep each other warm.

So much for sleeping in and enjoying our last day of Thanksgiving break!

I am thankful though. Thankful that the water wasn't coming in faster, thankful that I didn't have to drive in the poor conditions to spend a small fortune on the first generator I could find, and thankful that our basement didn't flood again.

This could have been a significant tragedy but thankfully everything worked out...

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Your getting more than your share of bad luck with water lately, not a good time of year for it too. It's freezing here, frost and ice every morning. I'll be glad to get out of it for a week come New Year.

I wouldn't mind so much if the ground would just freeze. That will keep the water from running into the sump for at least a couple of months while I regroup!

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Sorry to hear this happenned but glad to hear you managed to avert another disaster even if it messed up your plans for a lazy day

seems you just have a curse this year.